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About StepUp BC

StepUp BC supports the innovation, creativity, adaptability and resilience that define this sector and the individuals who work in it.

BC’s non-profits are transforming our communities. They’re combating poverty, protecting the natural world, giving a voice to those who have been silenced, and so much more. And it’s their human capital—passionate, skilled leaders, employees and volunteers—that enables them to do it.

By learning from the sector and sharing our learnings, we can give organizations and individuals the tools they need to harness these remarkable qualities in the service of their causes and their careers.

Our history

StepUp BC began in 2013 as the tHRive Project, an initiative of the BC Non-Profit Sector Labour Market Partnership Project (NPS LMPP).

The NPS LMPP was established in 2009 as part of the Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) program, which provides funding to address labour market and human resources issues in BC’s largest sectors. The vision of the NPS LMPP is to ensure BC’s non-profit sector is recognized as an employer of choice and a place where people can build meaningful, productive and long-lasting careers. Its mission is to develop go-to resources, services, and a network of support for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

In a watershed development, the NPS LMPP received a significant investment of $5 million under the LMP program. This marked the first time the non-profit sector was officially recognized as being every bit as valuable to the province as traditional sectors such as construction, mining and agriculture. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to invest in the foundation for a strong, vibrant and sustainable values-based economic sector in BC.

The future

Through our work with emerging leaders from across the province, StepUp BC is re-envisioning the potential of BC’s non-profit sector.

As StepUp BC grows, gains independence and secures its own sustainability, we intend to move into the vital and as yet unfilled role of advocacy body for the BC non-profit sector as a whole. With the support of an active and engaged sector, StepUp BC can represent the interests of the BC non-profit sector to goods and services providers, funders and lawmakers, and ensure that our sector has a powerful voice and a central role in determining its own future.

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