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Manage performance


In every organization, people are the most valuable asset. In the non-profit sector, it’s especially true.  

Whether team members are directly engaging with the communities and clients you serve or they’re working behind the scenes to make the “impossible possible,” their skills, experience and dedication drive the success and effectiveness of your organization.

But your employees will only excel at their work and achieve their full potential with guidance, support and recognition. Performance management helps employees fulfill their personal career goals and see how their performance furthers organizational objectives. It requires a practical yet visionary approach—one that celebrates success, progressively enables improvement, and proactively addresses problems. 

Effective performance management helps your employees see the true value of the contribution they can make to the organization and work towards fully realizing that potential.

The Manage Performance toolkit gives you the practical tools and reliable information you need to:

  • Empower and inspire your people to thrive and achieve their potential
  • Align the goals of the individual with organizational objectives
  • Conduct performance reviews and provide ongoing, meaningful, appropriate feedback
  • Inspire a collaborative workplace culture where everyone works towards common goals
  • Continuously improve and “raise the bar” today, tomorrow and into the future
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