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Develop your nonprofit

An organization’s strongest asset is it’s people, investing in them is investing in your organization’s future.

Workplace Planning

As an employer you need to attract, motivate and keep the talent as well as understand and comply with federal and provincial regulations that govern human resources management. In this section you’ll find resources to help you:

  • Create a “people plan”
  • Decide on pay
  • Follow the legislation
  • Create an employee handbook
  • Create an evaluation plan

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Recruitment and Hiring

Hiring the right talent can help you make the most of your organizational resources, improve workplace culture and deliver better service and greater value to your clients and the community. Learn how to identify the rewards that really matter and attract top employees:

  • Find and hire talent
  • Attract talent with Pay +PLUS
  • Hiring Aboriginal employees

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BC’s non-profit sector is full of talented people. Performance management helps employees fulfill their personal career goals and see how their performance furthers organizational objectives. Help your employees realize their full potential:

  • Orientate new employees
  • Engage employees
  • Manage performance
  • Train and develop employees
  • Support volunteers
  • Promising peoples practices

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Workforce Diversity

Immigrants, people with disabilities, young employees and Aboriginal employees can bring new skills and perspectives to the workplace and help you develop new partnerships. Access resources to create a workplace that welcomes and includes everyone:

  • Create an inclusive workplace
  • Attract and hire immigrants
  • Attract and hire people with disabilities
  • Attract and hire youth
  • Attract and hire Aboriginal people

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Leadership is key to a focused, effective and sustainable non-profit. Access key resources to help take your people-management skills and processes to the next level:

  • Develop a strong board>
  • Succession management
  • Access HR support
  • Learn form peers

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Increasing collaboration can help tackle tough issues in human resources and other complex challenges the non-profit sector is currently facing. Discover how you can achieve more through collaboration:

  • Constellation models
  • The Idea Navigator
  • Co-ops and Cooperation
  • Social innovation

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