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StepUp open data

The following map is currently the only publicly-available visualization of over 20,000 organizations in the BC non-profit sector. A work in progress, this map will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Data source

The map was generated primarily using 2013 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) data on registered charitable organizations in BC. The organizations’ locations were geocoded using their address data and plotted on a Google map.

How it works

This is the first step in an ongoing process that will produce the largest open data set in the world about non-profit organizations in BC.

It’s made possible by a Google web application called Fusion Tables—a powerful tool for collating, visualizing and collaborating on large amounts of data.

Over time, we’ll add more organizations, extend the functionality of the map view and provide other means of accessing the raw data to create an  invaluable resource for researchers, jobseekers and non-profit organizations themselves.

Co-create with us

Maintaining a data set of over 26,000 non-profit organizations current requires considerable resources. While Fusion Tables gives us a powerful engine to work with, we’re looking for editors to help us add to and manage the data.

All you need to be a StepUp Fusion Tables editor is an active Google account and an organizational (work) email address. You don’t need to be highly technical: working with Fusion Tables is easy, and if you’ve used Google Apps before, you’ll feel right at home.

More information on the role and responsibilities of a StepUp Fusion Tables editor will be posted when the program launches, so please watch this space, or contact us.

Learn more

Learn more about Fusion Tables by watching this YouTube video.

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