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Explore your career

Find work that’s meaningful and rewarding, and continue to build your capacity throughout your non-profit career.


Ready to find a job in the non-profit sector? We can connect you to a wide range of non-profit organizations that are actively hiring now:

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Prepare for Success

From a polished resume to an effective interview strategy, these tips and guidelines will help you make the most of the employment opportunities that come your way:

  • Start the search: networking
  • Stand out: interviewing
  • Set the stage: resumes
  • Say it well: cover letters

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Grow Your Career

Career development is more than simply applying for internal or external job postings in the hope that the next job will be a better fit, provide more opportunity, or help develop additional skills. These resources will help you to refine your own career development skills:

  • Know Yourself
  • Understand the sector
  • Make informed decisions
  • Build a career toolkit
  • Evaluate the ‘total rewards’

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Develop as a Leader

Building greater resilience and adaptability in leaders is a key to survival, longevity and success for the non-profit sector in BC. Find resources to develop your leadership skills:

  • Leadership self-assessment
  • Leadership roadmap
  • Leadership resource hub
  • Resiliency and Adaptability
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Idea Navigators
  • Lessons from an Indigenous Wisdom

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Increasing collaboration can help tackle tough issues in human resources and other complex challenges the non-profit sector is currently facing. Discover how you can achieve more through collaboration:

  • Constellation models
  • The Idea Navigator
  • Co-ops and Cooperation
  • Social innovation

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