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Project spotlight

It’s time to celebrate and learn from the amazing ideas emerging from BC’s non-profit sector.

StepUp BC wants to shine a spotlight on the new projects and initiatives you and your peers are coming up with every day. We’re asking you to let us know what you’re doing to enrich the workplace, support innovation, attract and engage employees and volunteers, and contribute to a thriving values-based economy.

Why it’s important

Across BC, non-profit organizations and leaders are finding new ways to develop resilience, adapt and create abundance for themselves and the communities they serve.

The sector’s diversity and BC’s spacious geography have made it challenging for us to break down barriers and communicate across the distances, but collaboration is the key to our survival.

By spotlighting our success stories and building a collective resource, we can inspire each other, learn from each other, and raise awareness about the significant contribution this sector is making to BC’s health, wealth and sustainability.

Get involved

Do you have a workplace initiative or program you’d like to spotlight?

Maybe you developed an employee or volunteer appreciation program. Launched a mentorship project. Piloted an initiative to achieve greater diversity in the workplace. Created a brainstorming retreat for your board of directors.

Whatever you’re doing to strengthen your workforce, support talent and develop potential, we want to hear about it. And your peers want to benefit from your experience and celebrate your success.

Please visit the Contact page to let us know about the work you’re doing. We’ll contact you to learn more and look at ways of spotlighting your accomplishments on the StepUp BC network.

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