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Sector competency framework

A competency framework is a common language for describing important knowledge, skills and attitudes.

A competency framework within BC’s non-profit sector will help leaders, staff, volunteers and job seekers to build capacity. Competencies help us to describe jobs in a consistent way, to focus learning and development efforts, and to describe how careers can evolve.

Introducing competencies to a sector is a gradual and long-term process. StepUp BC has initiated this important work, and the resources in this section are a springboard for future developments.

The StepUp BC sector competency framework resources provide three critical components:

  1. A broad-based framework. A framework for competencies – customized to the BC non-profit sector – provides a structure and important reference tools, such as lists of essential skills and descriptions of levels of complexity for demonstrating competencies.

    The Competency Framework will be most useful to working groups and professional associations that want to develop competency profiles for key occupations in their field of work. The information will also be of interest to organizational leaders who want to increase their understanding of this integrated approach to human resource management.

  2. Competency profiles. A competency profile is a statement of the knowledge, skills and needed by an individual to perform in a particular occupation. It is usually broken down into a series of competencies, which in turn are made up of a series of components. It can then be regarded as a standard, or benchmark, for the level of performance required in the job.

    Working groups, associations and some non-profit employers may benefit from the StepUp BC User's Guide to Competency Profiles. The guide provides a template, a quick reference list of six steps, and some knowledge areas, skills and attitudes that are found in many non-profit roles.

  3. Three sample profiles. With input from the sector, three sample competency profiles have been developed. The particular focus for this initial work was the social services subsector, though many of the competencies will generalize to similar positions in other spheres of non-profit work.

    The three profiles capture the distinctions at various levels of responsibility: Executive Director, Front Line Manager and Career Development Specialist. Find the sample profiles in the User's Guide to Competency Profiles.

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