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Sector overview

BC's non-profit sector plays an essential role in creating a better future for communities across British Columbia.

We all benefit from the talents and passion of the 66,000 full-time employees, 48,000 part-time employees and 1.5 million volunteers who work tirelessly to make BC better. Every day, their efforts enrich our province in a thousand ways: they help support young parents and families, increase the number of physically active British Columbians, provide supportive housing to those who need it, and so much more.

This network of 26,000 non-profit organizations is one of our province’s largest employers and a vital partner to the BC government in the delivery of $6.1 billion in programs, services and support that extend to every corner of the province, connecting citizens, strengthening communities and shaping public policy.

Big challenges ahead

The non-profit sector faces challenges in the years ahead, and the key to meeting those challenges lies not only in its access to funding and donations, but in its people.

Changing demographics and increased competition from the public and the private sectors within the labour market are making it harder than ever for non-profit organizations to find the people they need—people whose ideas, energies, experience and initiative are the catalyst for change, growth and continued innovation. Without that human capital, the sector will be left behind in the coming years.

As a result, human-resource management strategies such as recruitment, retention, skills training, succession planning, workforce diversity and employee satisfaction could mean the difference between success and failure.

A roadmap for success

The non-profit sector is unique—communal and collaborative rather than hierarchical. Every talented individual the sector can attract—whether at an executive or entry level—has the potential to impact the community and the province positively and make a significant contribution to its health and sustainability.

Strengthening the sector’s human capital and building a dynamic workforce will create exciting future opportunities, such as:

  • Pursuing deeper co-creation with the public in finding solutions to problems at the community level
  • Using social innovation and new approaches to achieve deeper community impact
  • Collaborating with government to create new ways of measuring impact and effectiveness
  • Employing social enterprise as a means to ensure long-term sustainability and increased community outreach
  • Introducing mixed funding models to diversify the pool of support for the non-profit sector

StepUp BC is poised to empower this sector with the tools and learning networks they need to attract and manage the human capital that will fuel them now and in the future.



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