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Train and develop employees


When you train and develop employees, they’re more motivated, productive, independent and responsive to change.

Training and developing your employees is a “win-win” investment in the strength and resilience of your non-profit organization. Not only does your organization see direct benefits from gaining new expertise and skill in the workforce, but your employees get the advantage of learning, growing and advancing their careers. Training and development enhances your organization’s capacity and adaptability as well as employee morale, workplace culture and your ability to attract top talent.

To support a successful training and development program, you need to develop a culture of continual exploration and challenge, recognize and acccommodate different learning styles, and offer a variety of learning opportunities that align with both organizational and individual needs.

The Train and Develop Employees toolkit explores a range of on-the-job and off-the-job training options and shows you how to develop an individual learning plan that fits into your organizational objectives as well as the employee’s desired career path.

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